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Osama Tahir osamatahir

I act sometimes. Other times I pretend to be the other guy...
SC - osama.tahir

The taxi driver had this WhatsApp group from which him and his friends only communicated through voice notes. He sent the first one saying it's raining and his friends started to reply. This was one of those replies... #freakrain #karachi #osamagetsstuckindefense
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66 | 2 | 1 day ago
I think we all look good. I think that's a good reason to put this picture up! It wasn't Zhalays birthday, as much as people thought it was. #fariskhalid #mahgul #zhalaysarhadi #osamatahir #tb #sanazehra #arsalanbilgrami
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201 | 3 | 2 weeks ago
6 months ago (more or less) this fierce woman told me about this campaign she wanted to work on called #makeithappen with #maybellinenewyork #pakistan - And I saw her build the entire thing from scratch, literally from the ground up. It takes some serious kahunas to do what you do on a daily basis. If anyone, you're a #makerwoman !! Congratulations! I'm so proud of you! 💪🤜🙌🙌🙌
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245 | 5 | 3 weeks ago
#Repost @chalaythaysaath (@get_repost) ・・・ That look! • • • Chalay Thay Saath #Tbt Behind the scenes featuring Mansha Pasha & Osama Tahir
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181 | 1 | 4 weeks ago
Last night was fun! Should definitely find more ways of doing this. #Repost @fuchsia_magazine (@get_repost) ・・・ All smiles while celebrating birthdays! 🎉Breezy #karachinights #zhalaysarhadi #asadulhaq #farahhaq #fariskhalid #noorhassan #mahgul #osamatahir #fuchsiamagazine
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173 | 2 | 1 month ago
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158 | 1 | 1 month ago
Thanks @le.prive and @abilgramistudio - this was fun! @gt_magazine ・・・ This @chalaythaysaath star states on his twitter profile that he acts and also like to act like a producer every now and then☺️☺️ @osamatahir chats with Gt on life and all its glory🙌🏻 Interview by @le.prive behind the 📷 @abilgramistudio #interview #video #ChalaythaySaath #OsamaTahir
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75 | 2 | 1 month ago
Real time face projection mapping! This. Is. Nuts. #Repost @popmyeyes (@get_repost) ・・・ Real-time face projection mapping By #NobumichiAsai | Via @the.pinklemonade
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59 | 1 | 1 month ago
An entire year today we wrapped up our shoot from #attabadlake and came back to Karachi. Man time flies! #EIDMUBARAK #ChalayThaySaath #bigsmileplease #osamatahir #fariskhalid #behrozsabzwari #umeradil #beenishwaiz @farisdotkhalid @umer_adil Attabad Lake
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128 | 3 | 1 month ago
Eid Mubarak! Kullu Aam WaAntum Bakhair! Happy Eid! #itstooearly #brothercantsee #eidmubarak #eid2017 #Tahirs #osamatahir #TIMETOEAT!!!
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187 | 5 | 1 month ago
The Last Iftaari. Couldn't have asked for a better one. #eidmubarak #eid2017 #karachi #pakistan Sakura
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369 | 7 | 1 month ago
Was it the same day as today? I can't say. But this was a rough day for everyone. #atiyazaidi the writer of #ChalayThaySaath was having a great time though. #Repost @syra.shahroz (@get_repost) ・・・ #sairashahroze #sairashahroz #sairoz #syrashehroze #syrasheroz #syrashahroz #syrayousaf #syrayousuf #chalaythaysaath #exclusive #unseen Hunza Eagle's Nest Hotel
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253 | 0 | 2 months ago
Before the release of the film I gave an interview. Probably my first interview, that too with #magtheweekly, if you want a bit of info on how and why I wanted to become an actor, look it up! #OsamaTahir #ismyname (that's a #NicoleArbour thing)
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188 | 9 | 2 months ago
My guy @rraannaayy invited me over to this restaurant launch he did. So I went over with my brother Arman... He kinda was forced to go, he was more interested in fixing his internet connection than anything else at the time, but that's ok... Man you know, I don't go to Do Darya as often as I should. It really is amazing... Just the weather sucks too much. #Repost @khaledkureshi (@get_repost) ・・・ Guests today at the launch of #FloridaBayPK #THORpr #TheHouseOfRana @Rraannaayy #THOR #Rraannaayy @osamatahir #khaledkureshi @khaledkureshi #osamatahir
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205 | 9 | 2 months ago
Half way there, and the days are going by. I know the days are tough and the weather is incredibly hot. But this is just how it is, sometimes you gotta power through and not get tempted by the shopping and the eating, this month is not for gluttony but for leave and.... OH SHIT HARDEE'S IS OPEN?! #ramadan2017 #itstoohot #selfrighteousprick North Nazimabad
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90 | 10 | 2 months ago
#collisionpoint on the #karakoram #highway had the most bipolar weather, when we were shooting for this scene. One minute sunny, the next not, the third peeling skin off hot, forth a cloud somewhere, fifth no sun ... You get the idea. #ChalayThaySaath #OsamaTahir #fariskhalid #sairashahroz @farisdotkhalid @sairoz
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218 | 2 | 2 months ago
It's weird that last year this time we were in Hunza creating history!! Here are some of the bloopers, enjoy! #Repost @umer_adil (@get_repost) ・・・ A shoot day without retakes is nothing! Here are the exclusive #Bloopers of #ChalayThaySaath . . . @pakistanicinemaofficial @storiesofpakistan @oyehoyechips @galaxylollywood
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139 | 2 | 2 months ago
#tb to when we were promoting our film #ChalayThaySaath - something ridiculous happened or was said which made us all smile so much. Maybe we cringed about something? Haha I don't know. #osamatahir #kentleung #fariskhalid #palwashayousuf @kentsleung @farisdotkhalid @palwashayousuf
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320 | 4 | 2 months ago
When the taxi driver has no idea about ways, so you get late to meetings. Tell me #whywouldyousigh like this?
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128 | 5 | 2 months ago
I realized I didn't have a photo with you @zhalay - so I made this collage of when we were at #CafeLatch in #lahore. The photographer was taking your photos, and I thought he was taking mine. As you can tell I quickly learned. #ChalayThaySaath #OsamaTahir #ZhalaySarhadi #goodtimes #lawl Cafe Latch
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334 | 14 | 2 months ago
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