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Kween Oizamsi kozamsi

HELLO!!!! Welcome to my space!
Content creator||
Lifestyle blogger||
PR and digital marketing apprentice
Twitter: @kozamsi
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Find YOU Do YOU ---------------------------- Don't forget to checkout my new blog post about self confidence. Be kind enough to leave a comment 😄Link to the post in my bio👆
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44 | 2 | 9 hours ago
I sit at my computer desk for an average of 9 hours per day and maybe just stand up twice in between those hours. Yes I know sitting for long is bad for my health but I'd rather choose sitting all day over standing. What about you?
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49 | 11 | 17 hours ago
➰FAVOUR➰ In the name of Jesus I believe and confess that the favour of the Lord is in my life The favour of God brings notice to my life in the presence of those who will bless and promote me Protocols are broken for my sake I walk in the favour of the Lord and my favour increases even as I speak. -------------------------------------------- There's a new post on the blog. Support the ministry by linking the link in my bio 👆😀😀
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55 | 1 | 1 day ago
➰MONDAY➰ You were created to accomplish something specific that no one else can accomplish. You were born to do something that the world will not be able to ignore . . . . Take time this morning to renew your passion so that you can be that person God created you to be. May you slay all the demons and obstacles on your way this week effortlessly.
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51 | 3 | 2 days ago
There's nothing like being over educated and you can never be satisfied with the knowledge you've gotten. So make it a point of duty to learn something everyday. How are you spending your Sunday?
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63 | 4 | 3 days ago
What will I not see in this Lagos? As I was returning from my late meeting this evening, I had to board a bike with another person and this happened to be a guy. That's how this uncle was looking for a way to start a conversation so he asked about my hair. To cut the story short the uncle paid my #400 bike fare and I went my way without giving him my number. Please am I a mean person?
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81 | 11 | 3 days ago
Whatever you do today may it be filled with victories and less stress. Is it just me that's has been having poor network issues since morning? * * * Don't forget to check out the link in my bio and drop your thoughts on what you've read.
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60 | 1 | 4 days ago
Finally the end of this week! I usually don't get excited about Friday because the truth is I hardly rest over weekend but I'm excited about this one. If there is anything this week taught me it has to be that strength comes from the mind. It's not your physical strength that pulls you through a difficult situation but the strength of your mind. I have now seen that I'm stronger than I think.
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56 | 6 | 4 days ago
This is not my real face. The real one right now is grumpy, sleepy and not in the mood to step out of the house. ---------------------------------- Don't forget to click the link in my bio to catch up with previous posts.
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70 | 5 | 5 days ago
After all the stress I went through today and my boss literally abandoning me for like one hour after an event and me being stuck in traffic and even falling asleep in an airtight car I hereby advice myself to rest
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58 | 1 | 5 days ago
Your best asset is you and you've got to make the best out of today. Don't align yourself with popular opinions. Don't listen to dream killers. Educate yourself Focus on your business and career goals Create a high sense of urgency JUST ACT NOW
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55 | 2 | 6 days ago
Practice They say makes perfect so I'd keep at it till I'm a pro at this #flatlay game. ............ How do you older adults survive this adult world? But I don dey for this adulting thing small sha and I'm not still used to it. ---------------- There's a new post on the blog, be kind enough to click the link in my bio
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56 | 4 | 6 days ago
➰Keep a note handy➰ This is one of my secrets of remaining creative. My daily planner is something I just cannot do without. I'm that kind of lady that would go to a party which a journal in her bag because you never know when the brilliant idea will pop in plus I always have a lot of responsibilities sitting on my shoulders and this journal has a way of keeping me in check with all the things I have to do for the day. -------------------------------------------------- I shared other secrets on the blog. Direct link in bio👆Don't forget to leave a comment after reading.
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64 | 6 | 1 week ago
So I'm in the mood to download and watch movies. What are your movie recommendations? I'm a great fan of Nigerian movies P. S: I can't watch horror movies
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41 | 10 | 1 week ago
Do you agree to the statement that but in creative is more than just going different in the world where everyone is trying to be the copying each other? What is creativity to you and what are you secrets to remaining creative? ----------------------------------------------- There's a new post on the blog that has to do with creativity and how to remain creative.
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67 | 2 | 1 week ago
NEW WEEK As you go about this week remember that you would only accomplish what you fight for. If you are only interested in your dreams but doing nothing about it, it will never come to pass. For me, I've decided to put all my energy into the accomplishment of my dreams.
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62 | 8 | 1 week ago
➰Thanksgiving ➰ God is no respecter of humans and he's God all by Himself whether we praise him or not But we need to praise God for our own good. God inhabit the praises of his people. Take time out to thank God today because being alive, healthy and strong is a great privilege. This might look like the regular thing that you have heard and overheard but just think deep and give thanks. ---------------------------------------------- There is a post on the blog on why you should give thanks. Link in bio What are you grateful for?
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66 | 2 | 1 week ago
I had one of the most amazing weekend I've ever had in a long time. I was at the @tecmainland #TheHangout and it was worth every time I spent there. If there's anything that I don't want to forget from that event is the fact that "foolishness can receive the biggest and best attention if it is creatively branded" I'm proud of the woman I'm becoming and I can't wait for me to eventually unshell and burst forth into greatness
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85 | 1 | 1 week ago
Good morning peeps If you live in Lagos like I do you would be familiar with things like traffic that has no cause and Agbero forming king of the road. Did I forget to mention that you'd also come across fine boys that poses to be nice only for them to catch you maga? In the light of this I started a new category on the blog titled "My LASGIDI TALES" and I just shared a new post titled "What Mr Nice Guy did" You should totally head to the blog to read. It's funny, witty and full of lessons Dress by @chamileo
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90 | 5 | 1 week ago
After the heavy rain of yesterday and the serious traffic that I sat in for like four hours I just wish I could have a massage, some light music and no office job to attend to. --------------------------------------- What are you wishing for at the moment?
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62 | 22 | 1 week ago
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