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B E N J A M I N benjaminhardman

Reykjavík, Iceland.
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Ice lakes. On top of the glacier, a layer of volcanic ash covers the ice. Sealed from beneath, melt water has built up and caused a silt filled lake to form on the surface. Some truly intense visuals up there, and often an explanation is needed to be able to comprehend the scene haha 🤘🏼 #iceland Iceland
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20277 | 169 | 18 hours ago
There are endless rock structures in the high mountains, though the weather has a tendency to hide them in thick walls of cloud. If you wait it out, you'll often catch sight of the peaks right as the clouds begin to break. In these moments we can gain new perspectives of the mountains, with different elements highlighted in contrast as every second passes. A glimpse into nature, shot for @icelandair. #mystopover | #iceland Iceland
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19086 | 154 | 1 day ago
Fragments of earth revealed within a river of glacial silt. Some of my first memories of living in Iceland are those moments of realisation that we are truly at the mercy of nature here. Flowing from glacier to coast, these river streams have shaped the Icelandic landscape for as long as the ice has existed and are a core factor in what makes this country so volatile. Ever changing flows and sub-glacial volcanic eruptions continue to sculpt the land, leaving us to adapt and reform around them. It definitely keeps life interesting. #iceland Iceland
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23759 | 290 | 2 days ago
Caldera. Stoked to announce my final workshop for the summer season alongside my good friend @hannes_becker. We'll be adventuring all throughout the highlands over the course of a week on the road. Head to my site via the link in my bio to find out all of the details and how to apply. Cheers 🤙🏼 #iceland Iceland
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25210 | 183 | 4 days ago
Strange patterns revealed in the mountains as the last of the highland snow melts down. #iceland Iceland
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21556 | 199 | 5 days ago
Floating over deep arctic waters. Greenland
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23357 | 230 | 5 days ago
Evening light cutting through the fog. #iceland Iceland
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21053 | 137 | 6 days ago
Natural obscurities. Standing at the edge of this intense structure always leaves me in awe. #iceland Iceland
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32415 | 744 | 1 week ago
In those times when fog invades the later hours, signs of darkness slowly reappear. The contrast between clear and cloudy nights strengthens, from bright warm midnight visuals to a foggy dark abyss in an instant. In these moments it's easy to feel that summer is slipping away, yet it's only just begun. #iceland Kerlingarfjöll
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22563 | 201 | 1 week ago
New life in the valley. Spent the morning sleeping on the side of a mountain with my pals @donalboyd and @fursty the other day. As the sun began to rise, the fox pups came out to say hello for a minute. Staring up at us in complete stillness, this little pup was so intrigued by our presence, yet kept a solid distance as it peered out of its den. #iceland | #arcticfox Iceland
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25582 | 209 | 1 week ago
Life in the highlands. Out in the wilderness with the @heimplanet cave, perched high above a volcanic rock field as the clouds engulfed the landscape. Camping in Iceland has always been one of the best ways to stay in touch with the nature here. However with increases in tourism, it has become more of an issue to camp in the wild. We must respect the nature and follow the rules to preserve the landscape. Stay off of the moss, stick to campsites when possible, and avoid wild camping near populated areas if you can. In some cases you may find yourself on private land, so it's best to get in touch with the local warden or land owners to ask permission prior to setting up camp. Also please remember to stick to the tracks when driving your car, as heading off-road can cause serious damage to the ground. Keeping all of this in mind, happy exploring folks 🤙🏼 #iceland Iceland
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20566 | 163 | 1 week ago
Fragments II. The coloured glow of submerged ice can be seen to expand way beyond the size of an exposed iceberg. Resting into the depths of the arctic waters, these massive temporary structures have so much beauty that we cannot witness from the surface. The fact that they disappear so rapidly has always made me strive to photograph every unique piece that I can find. #greenland Greenland
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22289 | 166 | 1 week ago
Volcanic remnants. A covering of thick black ash sits above the retreating glacial ice. Sealed sections have created lakes above the ice in many places, such as the one I've captured here. It's an overwhelming experience to watch the dramatic changes unfold throughout these glacial landscapes. Such vast areas ceasing to exist before our eyes. A temporary visual that remains only within the images that we create. What do you think could help the world reverse these changes? #iceland Iceland
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23993 | 154 | 1 week ago
Summit views. We looked down as midnight light spread over this geothermal valley. It's such a refreshing experience to breathe the crisp mountain air and listen to the distant echoes of the steam. Infinite patterns and textures can also be witnessed up here, with an endless array of coloured ridges covered in the remains of the winter ice. #iceland Iceland
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33309 | 356 | 1 week ago
Steam trails with @icelandair. Deep under the surface, fresh water comes in contact with molten lava. As pressure builds, plumes of steam explode out of the ground, surrounding the landscape in a shroud of white. #iceland | #mystopover Iceland
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26227 | 271 | 1 week ago
Natural equilibriums. Deep within the highlands, melt water rushes out from underneath towering walls of glacial ice. Flowing out into a network of river beds, the water catches endless rock sediments and changes in appearance. The silt filled water comes into contact with many streams of crystal clear water along the way, creating some beautiful patterns as it mixes together. Here you can see what it's like to look down over the river as this process takes place. It's one of my favourite views. #iceland Iceland
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17587 | 223 | 2 weeks ago
Mountain life. Yes, this is actually a bathroom. I think it could possibly be one of the best toilet stops on the planet haha. #iceland Iceland
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27509 | 301 | 2 weeks ago
The highland fox. Constantly running through the mountains, these guys love to climb. We've seen them on top of the mountain peaks and then instantly appear in the base of the valley. I wonder if they ever get tired! #iceland Iceland
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30520 | 306 | 2 weeks ago
Back home in Iceland and heading straight for the mountains. #iceland Iceland
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28246 | 217 | 2 weeks ago
For a few seconds, the dark skies cleared. Thousands of icebergs were revealed from beneath the clouds, spanning the entire distance of my vision. With darker exposures I was able to portray the feeling that I get when seeing this landscape from above, formidable and utterly mysterious. I wonder what it is like to be at the base of such an unknown part of the country. #greenland East Greenland
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19074 | 167 | 3 weeks ago
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